Kaida Xiao

Kaida Xiao


I received my PhD from Colour and Imaging Institute, the University of Derby, working in Colour Appearance Modelling with Professor Ronnier Luo. Between 2005-2008, I was a Senior Researcher in the Computing and Intellengence LAB, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology in South Korea, to develop image immersive enhancement methods for UDTV. I am back to UK in 2008 and worked for Tru-Colour Ltd., a spin-off company of University of Liverpool, for visual display calibration to solve common colour mismatch problem for on-line shopping. In 2010, I joined  School of Clinical Dentistry, the University of Sheffield, where I was first appointed as a Post -Doctoral Research Associate and later promoted as a University Research Fellow. I worked on a Wellcome Trust granted project that was concerned with development of a fully automated way of manufacturing soft tissue prostheses using 3D colour printing with Professor Julian Yate and Professor Richard van Noort. The project was further developed and funded by EPSRC. I worked as a research co-invetigator and research fellow in Department Psychological Science, the University of Liverpool between 2013 to 2016, with Professor Sophie Wuerger. I joined School of Design, the University of Leeds in 2016 first as an University Academic Fellow in Affactive Design Technology and promoted to be an Associate Professor in 2019. 

I am actively involved in the development of international standards for CIE (International Commission on Illumination) and ICC (International Color Consortium). I am the Associate Director of CIE Division 1 (Vision and Colour) and the national representative for Great Britain to CIE Division 8 (Image Technology). I have been appointed as Technical Committee chair for CIE TC 1-92 Skin Colour Database,CIE TC 8-17 Methods for evaluating Colour Difference between 3D Colour Objects and Co-Chair for JTC 16, Validity of Chromatic Adaptation. I am also the project coordinator for ICC medical imaging working group for project Imaging and reproduction of skin.


  • Research group leader for Colour Technology Research Group
  • Academic Lead for Colour Technology LAB
  • Program Leader for MSc in Textile Sustainability and Innovation

Research interests

My research interests are related to 3D colour image reproduction3D colour printing3D printing facial prosthesesmedical image capture and analysis, colour appearance modelling and image quality enhancement.

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  • PhD in Colour Science

Professional memberships

  • Associate Director of CIE Division 1, Vision and Colour
  • National representative of Great Britain for CIE Division 8, Image Technology
  • CIE Technical Committee Co-Chair CIE JTC 16, Validity of Chromatic Adaptation
  • CIE Technical Committee Chair CIE TC 8-17, Methods for Evaluating Colour Difference between 3D Colour Objects
  • CIE Technical Committee Chair CIE TC 1-92 , Skin Colour Database

Student education

Program leader for MSc in Textile Sustainability and Innovation

Module Leader for Colour: Forecasting to Retails

Current postgraduate researchers

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