Jinbi Jiang

Jinbi Jiang


Hello, my name is Jinbi Jiang, and I am a PGR student in the school of design. My academic journey has taken me across borders and disciplines, shaping my perspective on the creative world. I pursued a bachelor's degree in Visual Communication Design in China and also learned interior Interior Design in my undergraduate studies.

Eager to deepen my understanding of design, I embarked on a new chapter at the University of Liverpool for the Master of Architecture MA. This academic pursuit broadened my horizons, allowing me to explore the intricate relationship between color, space, and dimension in different disciplines. It was during this time that I became particularly interested by the role of color in both 2-D and 3-D, and I began to study some knowledge about colour. I have been a teacher at a school of art at a public university in Guangdong, China.

Additionally, I've had the opportunity to work in diverse design-related roles, including serving as a TV station editor, where I applied my visual communication skills to convey stories and ideas through the medium of television. I've also worked as an assistant to an environmental designer, gaining the interplay between design and sustainability. These collective experiences have not only enriched my academic background but have also a creative outlook, and a commitment to excellence. 

Research interests

  • Colour design
  • Colour management
  • Architecture design
  • Visual communication design
  • Interior design