Sascha Hein

Sascha Hein


I’m interested in all aspects of colour in dentistry, with particular focus on:

  • Spectral measurement of diffusely scattering media (i.e., spectroscopy)
  • Illuminant and geometric metamerism in dentistry
  • Kubelka-Munk and RTE based modelling of the appearance of dental hard tissues and dental materials
  • Colour Appearance Models (CAMs) and Chromatic Adaptation Transforms (CATs)
  • Colour difference equations

Research interests

My research focuses on the the optical appearance of dental hard tissues and materials as well as tooth shade management and communication in dentistry.

Below is a list of my publications:

  1. The effect of ultraviolet induced fluorescence on visually perceived tooth color under normal light conditions
  2. Objective shade matching, communication, and reproduction by combining dental photography and numeric shade quantification
  3. The use of a standardized gray reference card in dental photography to correct the effects of five commonly used diffusers on the color of 40 extracted human teeth
  4. eLABor_aid: a new approach to digital shade management
  5. Determination of the spectrally resolved extinction coefficient of human dental enamel using collimated transmission spectroscopy


  • Certified Dental Technician CDT
  • Master Dental Technician MDT