Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies

Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies

Centre for translation studies

Our research

The Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies (CTIS) conducts world-leading research in many aspects of Translation Studies. Our research is motivated by an interest in analysing the translation product and the processes which lead to it from the point of view of actual data. This covers such activities as:

  • Collection, enrichment and analysis of monolingual and multilingual corpora (how to collect texts and explore the contents of multilingual text collections);
  • Computer-assisted translation and machine translation (how to use computers in human translation);
  • Multilingual, multimodal analysis (how to analyse audiovisual material, such as film, and graphic documents in multilingual contexts);
  • Literary translation (how to explore the translation choices and process for fiction or poetry);
  • Quality standards in translation;
  • Interpreting training and other aspects of interpreting studies (conceptualization of pedagogy in interpreter training, corpus-based study of the interpreting process and product, etc.);
  • Use of eye-tracking in research on translation, subtitling and language learning.

Our collaborations with experts in literary studies, film studies, computing, linguistics, sociology, and history provides a unique, interdisciplinary environment for research and doctoral study, both in core areas of translation and interpreting studies.