Professor Martin Iddon

Professor Martin Iddon


I am a composer and musicologist. My music has been performed and broadcast on radio and TV in North America, Europe and Australasia by musicians including Apartment House, Distractfold, Ensemble Interface, Kairos Quartet, Ensemble SurPlus, Jack Adler-McKean, Séverine Ballon, Jeffrey Gavett, Nicolas Hodges, Heather Roche, Ashot Sarkissjan and Eva Zöllner.

A portrait CD, pneuma, was released in 2014, followed by Sapindales in 2021 and Naiads in 2022. My string trio Danaë won the chamber music category of the 2014 British Composer Awards and my solo tuba piece, Lampades, won the 2021 Ivors Composer Award for solo composition.

My books, New Music at Darmstadt, John Cage and David Tudor, and John Cage and Peter Yates are published by Cambridge University Press, as is the Cambridge Companion to Serialism, while John Cage’s Concert for Piano and Orchestra which I co-wrote with Philip Thomas is published by Oxford University Press.

I studied at the Universities of Durham and Cambridge and am Professor of Music and Aesthetics at the University of Leeds.

Current research students

  • Hannah Firmin (PhD, composition, White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities (WRoCAH) Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Scholarship)
  • Ed Cooper (PhD, composition, WRoCAH AHRC Scholarship)
  • Paulina WacĹ‚awik (PhD, composition)
  • James Creed (PhD, composition, WRoCAH AHRC Scholarship)
  • David Randall-Goddard (PhD, composition, Stanley Burton Research Scholarship)
  • Vasco Dias (PhD, musicology)

Completed research students

  • Roddy Hawkins (PhD, musicology, AHRC Scholarship)
  • Lauren Redhead (PhD, composition, AHRC Scholarship)
  • Daniel Wilson (PhD, composition)
  • Sam Belinfante (PhD, fine art, University Research Scholarship)
  • Danielle Hood (PhD, musicology)
  • Alannah Halay (PhD, composition, AHRC Scholarship)
  • Richard Barrett (PhD, composition, Stanley Burton Research Scholarship)
  • James Clarke (PhD, composition, Leeds Arts & Humanities Research Scholarship)
  • Qais Alghanem (PhD, performance, Kuwaiti Governmental Research Scholarship)
  • Alexander de Little (PhD, composition, University Anniversary Research Scholarship)
  • Timo Tuhkanen (PhD, composition)
  • Max Erwin (PhD, musicology, University Anniversary Research Scholarship)
  • Sam Ridout (PhD, musicology, Stanley Burton Research Scholarship)
  • Marc Yeats (PhD, composition, WRoCAH AHRC Scholarship)
  • Michele Abondano (PhD, composition, Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Cultures (AHC) research Scholarship)
  • Manuel Farolfi (PhD, musicology, WRoCAH AHRC Scholarship)
  • Gabriel Jones (PhD, musicology, WRoCAH AHRC Scholarship)
  • Jack Adler-McKean (PhD, performance; externally supervised at the Royal Northern College of Music)
  • Jamie Stephenson (PhD, musicology)
  • Dave Riedstra (PhD, composition, Leeds Doctoral Scholarship)
  • Niki Zohdi (PhD, composition)
  • Kenrick Ho (PhD, composition)

Doctoral examination

  • Dartington College of the Arts, March 2009
  • University of Victoria, Canada, November 2015
  • Bath Spa University, January 2017
  • Nottingham University, January 2017
  • University of Huddersfield, July 2017
  • University of New South Wales, Australia, August 2017
  • Royal Northern College of Music, November 2017
  • New York University, USA, May 2019
  • City, University of London, January 2020
  • University of Huddersfield, March 2022
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  • PhD in Historical Musicology, University of Cambridge
  • MPhil in Musical Composition, University of Cambridge
  • BA (Hons) in Music, University of Durham

Current postgraduate researchers

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