Dr Will Gamester

Dr Will Gamester


I joined Leeds as British Academy Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in September 2018, having previously been a PhD student here as part of the Nature of Representation research project.

Research interests

I’m interested in many areas of philosophy, but my main research expertise concerns foundational questions in the philosophy of language and mind, and especially the philosophy of truth.  I'm especially interested in applying these ideas to other philosophical subdisciplines, so my research interests branch through from metaphysics and the philosophy of language and mind into meta-ethics, meta-epistemology, and meta-semantics.

My present research project is focused on developing a new account of what it is we do when we think or say that something is true. Meta-Alethic Expressivism, inspired by expressivist explanations of other discourses, holds that our alethic judgements are not geared towards representing some “truthy” part of the world, but are motivational states – judgements about what to do in the world, and in particular, what to believe about it.

My doctoral dissertation was about the nature of truth, and especially the pluralistic thesis that the nature of truth might vary between different discourses.

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  • PhD Philosophy
  • MA Philosophy
  • BA Philosophy

Research groups and institutes

  • Philosophy
  • Centre for Aesthetic, Moral and Political Philosophy
  • Centre for Metaphysics and Mind