Laura Eva Wallace


I completed my MA at the University of Leeds in 2019 and have returned as a PhD candidate in 2020 with funding from the White Rose College of Arts and Humanities.

My interest in sex work, Catholicism and Irish studies originates from my own upbringing in Ireland which later became a catalyst for undertaking a BA in Theology and Religious Studies. During my MA, I carried out two research projects related to religion and sex work.

My current research is focused on Catholic Faith-Based Organisations (FBO’s), sex work and social welfare in Ireland.

Research interests

  • Queer theology
  • Sex work and religion(s)
  • Sex work and labour
  • Social welfare and religion
  • Gender, religion and Irish society
  • State religion and social change
  • Politics and religion(s) 
  • Catholicism


  • MA Religion and Public Life
  • BA Theology and Religious Studies