Matt Clark

Matt Clark


Before coming to Leeds, I completed an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree at UCL and a MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences at the LSE. I then took a break from academia, working in the non-profit sector trying to advocate for the importance of mental health research in healthcare and policy making.

Working for charities got me interested in how organisations can be trusted to do the right thing by the general public. This motivated me to come to Leeds to research the ways that regulation and organisational design can be used to build greater trust in business corporations.

Research interests

My research looks at how we build trust in business through better regulation, something that is important as we increasingly rely on business corporations to tackle the climate crisis and enact social change. I research the ethical aspects of regulation, how regulation and social practices can encourage moral development, how business structures and incentives impact moral reasoning, and what trust is.

My other research interests include professional and political ethics, individual and collective responsibility, collective obligations, the nature of collective action, and the methodology of the social sciences.


  • MSc Philosophy of the Social Sciences, London School of Economics & Political Science
  • BA European Social and Political Studies, University College London