Ludovica Adamo

Ludovica Adamo


I started my academic journey in Italy, where I obtained a BA in Humanities (majoring in Philosophy) and a Master’s in History and Philosophy from the University of Siena. I then decided to pursue my interest in Ethics and moved to St Andrews, where I was awarded the degree of MLitt in Moral, Political and Legal Philosophy (2018-2019).

I am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Leeds, having joined the research project ‘Group thinking: New Foundations’ in October 2019. Combining political philosophy, metaphysics and the theory of action, my research project deals with the analysis of political society as an instance of shared agency. In particular, it aims at analysing how people can act together in large-scale groups (e.g. political societies), whether these agents can share intentions/beliefs, how the presence of authority and hierarchy affects their acting together and if their joint activity can make the authority in question legitimate. Regarding the legitimacy of political authority, my project will focus on the consent theory of legitimacy and it will try to explain how, in acting together, the citizens of political societies can consent to the authority of the state.

Research interests

  • Moral philosophy, Political philosophy, Metaphysics, Theory of Action
  • Philosophy of law, Environmental Ethics, Bioethics, Social Epistemology


  • MLitt Moral, Political and Legal Philosophy (University of St Andrews)
  • MA History and Philosophy (University of Siena, Italy)
  • BA Humanities - Philosophy (University of Siena, Italy)