Moses Estrada


I am doing the PhD in Philosophy at the University of Leeds, UK. Previously, I completed a Master of Letters in Philosophy from the University of Aberdeen, UK. I have also undertaken Masters degrees at Andrews University and La Sierra University, USA. Currently, I am an Adjunct Professor at the School of Religion, Loma Linda University, CA.

Research interests

The PhD research topic I undertake focuses on the problem of self-knowledge across various areas: Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, Philosophy of Literature, Philosophy of Film, and Philosophy of Religion.

I take Wittgenstein’s and Derrida’s later works (esp. the autobiographical/confessional kind, such as Philosophical Investigations and Circumfessions), and Augustine’s Confessions, as points of departure in order to deal with the central question: is self-knowledge distinctive at all? I claim, it is. This question has interested contemporary philosophers at junctures between the Analytic and post-Kantian traditions. It is important to point out that self-knowledge refers either to knowledge of one’s mental states, e.g. thoughts, beliefs, or sensations, or to knowledge of the self. In this research, I engage the latter. Some other questions that will follow, concern, (1) how one distinguishes oneself from others, i.e. self-attribution; (2) whether self-awareness grasps a personal identity over time; and (3) whether self-awareness grasps a material or non-material nature of the self.

Just a final note, I find myself doing philosophy in a post-analytic situation.


  • MLitt in Philosophy
  • MDiv
  • BA in Religious Studies