Dr David Molyneux


I have worked in the health service for most of my life, as a General Practitioner, GP educator and GP examiner.   I currently work part time at the University of Leeds as a medical ethics tutor and personal tutor.  

I developed an interest in medical ethics whilst preparing an educational programme for GP trainees in North-West England.  I then went on to do a Diploma in Medical ethics at Keele University, followed by a professional (taught) doctorate at the same university.  Realising that I had almost no background knowledge of philosophy, I went on to do a distance-learning degree in Philosophy at Birbeck, and gained a first-class degree.

I have now begun a PhD at IDEA, looking at the contextuality of the distinction between doing and allowing.

Research interests

In the past I have had papers published in the following areas:

  • Teaching medical ethics to GP trainees
  • Teaching critical appraisal skills to GP trainees
  • The subjectivity of welfare
  • Autonomy and welfare
  • Developing an educational package for GP trainees who have failed their end of training examinations


  • M.A.
  • MB.BS.
  • M.Med.Sci
  • Doctorate in Medical Ethics