Zach Gudmunsen


I am researching the possibility of Artificial Intelligences having intuitions, particularly ethical intuitions. 

Following undergraduate courses on philosophy of mind and the future at the University of Liverpool with Prof. Dainton and Dr. Davnall, I've been interested in the philosophical ramifications of technology in the future. During my MA at Bilkent University I focused on the metaethical implications of future technology, which led to my MA thesis in which I attempted to use the possibility of epistemically non-human minds against the evolutionary debunking of moral realism. My current work takes the idea of non-human minds in a more specific direction: artificial intelligences.



I am grateful to the IDEA centre for awarding me a studentship in applied ethics.

Research interests

Metaethics (esp.non-naturalism), Ethics, Ethics of Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Epistemology (esp. intuitions), Philosophy of Mind, Computationalism

Secondary Interests:

Aesthetics, Existentialism, Kant, Metaphysics (esp. time and possibility), Post-structuralism, Neoplatonism


  • BA in Philosophy at University of Liverpool (2013-2016)
  • MA in Philosophy at Bilkent University (2016-2018)