Sophie Goddard

Sophie Goddard


My thesis focuses on the problem of sacrifice in caring relationships. By ‘the problem of sacrifice’, I mean the problem that some people (and often disproportionately women) sacrifice too much for others.

The thesis addresses questions of:

  • How much we should sacrifice in caring relationships;
  • Why it is problematic to sacrifice too much;
  • How we should limit the sacrifices we make, and
  • Whether societies should make efforts to prevent individuals from sacrificing too much in caring relationships.

Rather than focusing on sacrifices we make for strangers, my research focuses primarily on sacrifices we make in partial caring relationships, usually for people we love. My research therefore extends into the philosophy of love.

Research interests

  • Philosophy of love and sex
  • Care ethics
  • Moral demandingness
  • Sacrifice
  • Feminist philosophy
  • Theories of wellbeing
  • Applied ethics


Selected Talks

‘Natural Love and the Ethical Demand’ at Themes from The Ethical Demand, IDEA Centre, April 2019

‘Love and Sacrifice’ at Love, Etc., IDEA Centre, September 2019


  • MA Philosophy, University of Sheffield (2015-2017)