Andreas Bruns

Andreas Bruns


I joined the University of Leeds as a postgraduate research student in October 2017. Before coming to Leeds I held a junior research fellowship at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (2016–2017) in Bielefeld, GER. During my undergraduate studies I worked as a research assistant at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Bioethics (2011–2016) in Münster, Germany.

I am grateful to the University of Leeds for awarding me a PRHS School Scholarship for the period 2017–2020, and to the Royal Institute of Philosophy for awarding me a Jacobsen Scholarship for my 4th year.

Research interests

My PhD research is at the intersection of normative ethics and metaethics, and concerns the so-called 'paradox of deontology'. Aside from normative ethics and metaethics, I am interested in medical ethics, metaphysics and the philosophy of law.


  • 'Moral Constraints and the Paradox of Deontology', The White Rose Philosophy Postgraduate Forum, University of Sheffield, UK, May 2018
  • 'Versions of the Paradox of Deontology', Philosophy Postgraduate Research Seminar, University of Leeds, UK, May 2018
  • 'What Is Wrong With Copying From Other Cultures? Appropriation, Alienation, and the Moral Evaluation of Copying', Copy Ethics: Theory & Practice (International Conference), Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Bielefeld, Germany, July 2017


  • Bruns, A. 2018. What is Wrong With Copying From Other Cultures? Annual Review of Law and Ethics. Volume 26, pp. 25–37.
  • Baldina, H., Bruns, A. and Müller-Salo, J. 2016. Pragmatism, Evolutionary Theory and the Plurality of Legal Systems: On Susan Haack’s Philosophy of Law. In: Göhner, J., Jung, E. eds. Susan Haack: Reintegrating Philosophy. Münster: Springer, pp. 133–145.


  • MA Philosophy (University of Münster, GER, 2016)
  • BA Philosophy / German Studies (University of Münster, GER, 2013)