Kelsie Root Awarded the Gillinson Prize 2017

This year the Gillinson Prize was awarded to Kelsie Root for her brilliant undergraduate dissertation.

The award winning dissertation was titled “Sepulture and the City: The Social Roles of Burial Spaces in Nineteenth-Century Britain and their Impact on the Leeds General Cemetery Company”. Kelsie Root carried out further research on the same topic as a Research Intern with the School of History over the summer and will continue her studies at postgraduate level by taking a Masters course in History of Health, Medicine and Society at the University of Leeds.

The Gillinson Prize is named after B. C. Gillinson, an early benefactor of the Division of History and Philosophy of Science at Leeds from the time of its founding in 1957. Thanks to his generosity, the Division was able to build up its own specialist library, housed in a seminar room long since called the Gillinson Room.  When, in the mid-2000s, the Leeds HPS group decided that the Gillinson Room would be better used as the headquarters of a new Museum of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, copies of books already in the main University collection were sold, and the profits then used to establish a new Gillinson Prize, awarded at the end of every academic year to the highest-marked undergraduate dissertation in History and Philosophy of Science.