Free webinar series: Corporate integrity

Access a series of free online forums from the IDEA Centre, exploring the ethical implications of corporate integrity.

In this free webinar series, we will share our extensive research and insights on corporate integrity, and invite a wide range of guest speakers to contribute and bring their own unique experience and practical knowledge to the debate. 

Is now the time to double-down on corporate integrity?

In this introductory session, Tracey Groves and Jim Baxter set the scene for our short series on corporate integrity.

Most of us would probably say we know integrity when we see it, but how exactly should it be defined? And what does it mean for an organisation to have integrity?

Tracey and Jim get into these questions, and give a view as to why so many organisations still do not have a handle on corporate integrity, but also why it is more important now than ever. Finally they turn to the question of how organisations can start to understand how their culture, people and processes might be contributing to, or working against, integrity.

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Integrity, leadership and culture with Jo Kenrick

Jo Kenrick is a highly experienced business leader, with extensive experience as an executive director in a range of companies. She now holds a portfolio of Non-Executive Director roles in a range of private and third sector companies. This wide-ranging experience has given her some fascinating insights into integrity and corporate culture about which she talks eloquently in this webinar, which includes lots to think about.

Highlights include an exploration of integrity as involving flexibility, and true listening as involving willingness to be changed by what one hears; the effect on culture of different industry sectors and ownership structures, and the relationship between acculturation and influence – avoiding being either too close to or too distant from the culture of the organisation in which one would like to have an influence. The interview with Jo is followed by a lively Q&A which goes deeper into all of these issues and raises some more.

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This series of webinars is curated by Dr Jim Baxter.