Lin Wang


I have undergone 10 years of professional dance training in Ballet, Ballroom Dance, basic training of Modern Dance, Character Dance and a part of Chinese Folk dance. And I have also been introduced to several methods of the Somatics practice, such as the Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique, Franklin Method, etc. 

When I was a professional dancer, I participated in competitions and workshops aeound the world, so I saw first-hand how many professional dancers who are both talented and hard-working have been injured and eventually had to leave the stage due to overuse of their bodies or accidents in training and preformance. These experiences have inspired me to focus on the ethics of dance, the relationship between the human mind and body, on the simplest of lying down, standing and walkng, and on the attitude towards the body in any culture.

I currently focus on the cross-cultural movement research. I am intrigued by disciplines that are based on the mind-body unity in different cultures, including the body notion of Confucianism, Rudolf Laban’s movement theory (especially its value system), and Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s body-centric phenomenology. My PhD research partially continues my MA work on the Laban movement research. The PhD project focuses more on how dance and movement can be used to guide people in building a holistic awareness of themselves in their daily lives.

My experience has always revolved around the field I am enthusiastic about. I have been involved in choreographing and writing the Beijing Dance Academy’s Ballroom Dance Grade Examination Textbook, for which I am an examiner and senior teacher. It is the only grade examination textbook of Ballroom Dance within China that is approved by the Chinese Ministry of Culture.

During my master’s degree I translated into Chinese and published by Shandong University Press the English book Body-Space-Expression: The Development of Rudolf Laban’s Movement and Dance Concepts by Vera Maletic, a Laban researcher from Ohio State University. The Chinese version is currently in the collections of six universities with dance departments in Taiwan. I am also currently training as a Certified Movement Analyst(CMA) under the Laban-Bartenieff system.

Research interests

  • body-mind relationship
  • dance and movement performance
  • dance ethics
  • the Confucian view of the body
  • phenomenology
  • Laban Movement research


  • MA in Dance, Beijing Dance Academy (2020)
  • BA in Dance, Beijing Dance Academy (2017)