Lizzie Ridley (Forbes-Ritte)

Lizzie Ridley (Forbes-Ritte)


My research at Leeds involves investigating theories of risk as they apply to audience’s decision making in theatre going.

My study is inspired by an extensive career spent working across a broad range of organisations across the North of England, working under my maiden name, Forbes-Ritte. In this time, I have worked both in communications and audience research and development for audiences of all kinds from large scale, Opera North to Leeds Playhouse and Bradford Theatres, to small scale including co-ordinating the Small Venues Network, to touring, including Freedom Studios. I have also worked on large scale outdoor art from Illuminating York to Overworlds and Underworlds; Leeds contribution to the 2012 Cultural Olympiad. This breadth of sector experience has given me a fascinating insight into the many forms of audience development and communication initiatives that have come and gone over the years with varying degrees of success, and my research will allow me the space to academically explore an area that has fascinated and challenged me throughout my career. This research is funded by a scholarship award from the School of Performance and Cultural Industries.

Research interests

Audience engagement and experience

Audience decision making

Communicating with audiences


  • BA (hons) Theatre Arts and Performance Studies with Media
  • MA Cuture, Creativity and Entrepreneurship