Dionysia Bouzioti

Dionysia Bouzioti


I am a theatre specialist and practitioner; my work includes theatre production and directing, play-writing and performance design. Both my theoretical approaches and practice draw from semiotics and phenomenology with a particular focus on medical phenomenology, neuroaesthetics and psychoanalysis. I have graduated (BA, MA) from the Theatre Studies Department of the National and Kapodestrian University of Athens with distinction (MA in Global Theatre: Dramaturgy, Practice & Theory). My MA thesis Medical Phenomenology in Drama: An Introduction to the Interpretation of the Absent and the Suffering Body interprets body presence and movement in a collection of contemporary plays, while exploring perception in the performer-audience relationship. My current research runs with the support of the University of Leeds (University Research Scholarship, 2017-2020) and proposes a phenomenological model of interpreting and directing the body in Greek Tragedy. I am examining the body as 'tragic’ to refer to the concepts of suffering and absence, which both are inclusive of any case of physical or mental traumas that have a restricting effect on embodied subjectivity. On a second level, I am quite intrigued about how the embodiment of tragedy and corporeal manifestations affect the audience's perceptual fields.

Previous talks/ Conferences:

  • Phenomenology of Pain and the Suffering Body in Greek Tragedy: Analysis of Five Tragedies, 1st Theatre Studies PGR Colloquium, Athens, Nov. 2013
  • Towards a Detachment from the Image: Performances & Representations of the Female Subject, Art Exhibition by E. Marathaki, Athens, Jan. 2014
  • Vasilis Andreopoulos; Social and Political Reflections of the Period 1960-1970 in his Dramaturgy, 5th Annual Drama Conference: Theatre & Democracy, Athens, Nov. 2014
  • Phenomenology of the Body and Interpretation of Perception: Embodiment of Experience in the Performer-Audience Relationship, The Performer in the 21st Century Conference, M. Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens, Mar. 2015

 Productions/ Artwork:

  • Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus: production, direction, choreographies, costumes design , stage@leeds, Leeds, UK, Jun 2018  (CePRA Award, 2017-2018)
  • Trash Kings by Dionysia Bouzioti: production, direction, play-writing, costumes design, Kaesariani Town Hall Theatre Stage, Athens, Greece, Mar – Jun 2016  
  • Dreaming Violins by Dionysia Bouzioti: production, direction, play-writing, costumes design, Aeolia Cinema & Theatre Stage, Athens, Greece, May – Jun 2015  
  • Social Deconstruction by Dionysia Bouzioti: drawing series, Piraeus Arts Festival, Piraeus, Greece, Oct 2014  
  • The Secret of Contesse Valaerena by Gr. Xenopoulos: co-directing, acting, costumes and sets design, Aula, UoA, Athens, Greece, Jun 2008  
  • The Secret of Contesse Valaerena by Gr. Xenopoulos: film directing, Athens, Greece, Jun 2008  
  • Fortunatos by A. Foskolos: co-directing, acting, costumes/sets design, Aula, UoA, Athens, Greece, Nov 2007 

Research interests

My research interests include, but are not limited to:

  • Contemporary Theatre & Performance
  • Greek Tragedy (and adaptations)
  • Dance - Theatre
  • Theatre Direction
  • Performance Analysis
  • Audience Reception
  • Performer Training
  • Philosophy of Drama
  • Semiotics
  • Phenomenology (Neuro-, Medical)
  • Psychology
  • Cognitive Science
  • Aesthetics (Neuro-)


Memberships & Research Groups:

  • TaPRA (Theatre and Performance Research Association) 
  • ITI (Hellenic Centre of the International Theatre Institute)
  • Performance Philosophy Network
  • PTPP Research Group, UoL
  • Bodies and Performance, UoL




  • MA in ''Global Theatre: Dramaturgy, Practice & Theory'', Theatre Studies Dept., UoA, 2013
  • BA in Theatre, Theatre Studies Dept., UoA, 2011