Study abroad

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All undergraduate courses in our school offer you the opportunity to study abroad for a year as part of your degree. Spending time studying abroad can be a rewarding and life changing experience, giving you a unique opportunity to discover different cultures and enhance your career prospects.

The University offers one of the widest ranges of study abroad opportunities in the UK with more than 300 partnerships with universities worldwide. Taking a study abroad year will extend your degree to four years.

We have specific School partnerships with the following institutions:

Shanghai Theatre Academy, China

The University of the Arts, Helsinki, Finland

Siegen University, Germany

University of South East Norway, Norway

Popular destinations for students from the School include;

  • Australia (Griffith, Monash, Queensland, Sydney)
  • Canada (Calgary, McGill, McMaster, Western Ontario)
  • China (Shanghai Theatre Academy)
  • Germany (Siegen)
  • New Zealand (Wellington)
  • USA (California Santa Cruz, Massachusetts, North Carolina State, Illinois)