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Dr Alex Bamji

Dr Bamji helps BBC Future explain how one 16th Century doctor utilised social distancing practices to contain a plague outbreak the city of Alghero in Sardinia.

Parkinson building

Thursday 7th January saw the School of History’s Dr John Gallagher present Free Thinking on BBC Radio 3, discussing 17th-century female playwright, poet and spy Aphra Behn.

University of Leeds

As students and teaching staff alike continue to adjust to new ways of teaching, our students share their experiences of remote learning in the School of History.

Race and Resistance Annual Lecture

Watch the video of "The Story of an Atlantic War", by Professor Vincent Brown of Harvard in our 2020/21 Race and Resistance Annual Lecture.

Dr John Gallagher News History of the Tongue BBC.

Sunday 29th November will see Dr John Gallagher appear as a guest on the Early Music Show on BBC Radio 3 as part of the BBC celebration for the 10th anniversary of the New Generation Thinkers scheme.