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Michael Sadler building

Dr Rachael Gillibrand, Lecturer in Inclusive Learning, tells of her experiences over the past year working in the IMS, her time in other institutions, and her plans for the future.

Lisbon Castle against a sunny blue sky

Fernão Lopes' chronicles, which depict medieval life in the fifteenth century, have been translated in their entirety for the first time.

Etched caricatures of soldier figures in uniforms - they are the Hopetoun Fencibles regiment.

They will curate a collection of primary material about the history of the British Army, focusing on the Fencible Regiments of Great Britain and Ireland in the French Revolutionary Wars.

Shelves of books at the Brotherton Library

Dr Elizabeth Tyler closes the White Rose talks at Leeds by exploring the use of the Old English Orosius for nationalism and imperialism in tenth century England.

Two people dressed as English knights. One has their shield raised and the other has their sword raised.

Europe’s largest Medieval celebration is taking place in Leeds with over 2,500 enthusiasts from 60 countries coming together both in person and virtually to immerse themselves in the Middle Ages.