Publications By Our PhD Students

Congratulations to two of our Postgraduates who have recently published their work.

Emily Herring (pictured) is Postgraduate Researcher in the Centre for History and Philosophy of Science. Emily's article is entitled Des évolutionnismes sans mécanisme : Les néolamarckismes métaphysiques d’Albert Vandel (1894-1980) et Pierre-Paul Grassé (1895-1985) in Revue d'histoire des sciences (2/2016), pp. 369-98. You can find it here.

Sofia Rehman is a first-year PhD candidate co-supervised in Theology and Religious Studies and Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies. She is recipient of the School of PRHS Scholarship. In an inter-faith collaboration with the Muslim Women's Council, Sofia has contributed to the volume Shared Heritage of Daughters of Eve: Head Coverings - Reflections From Women of Faith, published by the Muslim Women's Council, Bradford, 2016.

You can find out more about this publication here.