Gregory Radick to interview Richard Dawkins about his new book SCIENCE IN THE SOUL

Professor Radick will be discussing Dawkins' book with him as part of the 2017 Ilkley Literature Festival

On Wednesday 4 October at 7:30 pm, Professor Gregory Radick will be joining Richard Dawkins on stage at the King's Hall in Ilkley to discuss Dawkins' new book Science in the Soul: Selected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist.

The event, which sold out several weeks ago, is one of the highlights of this year's Ilkley Literature Festival, taking place throughout the first half of October.

Ilkley has a long connection to Darwiniana, as Charles Darwin was there in November 1859 when the Origin of Species was published.  The full story of Darwin's nine-week stay in Ilkley was told by Prof. Radick and Emeritus Prof. Mike Dixon in their 2009 book Darwin in Ilkley.

Also featuring in this year's Festival is a guided reading group on H. G. Wells' classic The Time Machine (1895), led by Leeds HPS postgraduate student Alex Aylward.