Undergraduates present at the 2017 Undergraduate Research Experience Festival

The Undergraduate Research Experience Festival is annual celebration for all undergraduates to showcase their work and research to fellow students and staff.

Earlier this month several History undergraduates joined a number of talented and passionate undergraduate researchers from across the Faculty to present at the annual celebration. 

Our talented researchers include Lauren Devine, Aurelius Noble, Colum Dillon, Emma Herbert-Davies, Benjamin Lee and Rob Slann, who between them cover a variety of interesting topics. 

Colum is investigating the nature of terrorism. Who are terrorists, why do they commit these acts and how does one become a terrorist?

Emma talked about her project which is cataloging the 18th century Winchester cabinet containing over 3000 ancient coins! 

Ben's presentation revealed official (and unofficial) correspondence between the Argentine and Israeli governments related to the kidnap of Adolf Eichmann. 

Rob discussed the role which memory plays within football, and how his research traces the development of the footballing tradition between France and Algeria.

After the five-minute research talks, all the students chatted to staff and fellow students about their research and experience of being undergraduate researchers at the University.

The Undergraduate Research Experience (UGRE) is now in it's seventh year and continues to be a fantastic celebration of the achievements of our undergraduate researchers. Find out more about the event on Facebook.