School of History Interns

The School of History employs more than ten undergraduate students each year in a variety of intern roles. Our interns for 2016-17 have been reflecting on their work this year.

Rachael Coates, Business and Enterprise Intern and a BA International History and Politics student, explained: ‘I wanted to become a School of History intern, as I wanted to help history students with the prospect of finding a fulfilling career once leaving university. As an intern I think I have achieved my aim of spreading a message to students that you are not restricted to a specific career. History students have a lot of transferable and desirable skills. It was amazing to see over 40 students turn up to one of my events.’

Liz Egan, editor of History Student Times and a BA History student, said: ‘I felt the magazine was a great way for students to showcase their writing and interests. I’ve loved working with my fellow students to produce some insightful and unique articles. It’s been very rewarding to help them develop their writing and then see the final pieces published. Editing other people’s writing has made me more conscientious about my own writing, picking up on ways in which I can improve.’

Jonathan Wright, a BA History student, promoted specialist journalism and media opportunities for history students in his role as Media and Journalism Intern. He feels that: ‘the one-on-one sessions that I have put on were a good opportunity for students to come and have a friendly chat about possible future careers with myself who could put them in touch with many people and work out which kind of direction would be best. Being an intern has taught me valuable skills of communication with outside partners on behalf of the university.’

Recruitment of our interns for next academic year is currently under way!