FOAR2000 students speak to BBC Radio Leeds about their Sweepiana exhibition (BBC Leeds, 24/07/17)

Students Joey Wright and Natasha Alan Smith (History) chat about the Sweepiana exhibition that they and other Leeds students have put on at the Leeds Central Library.

SWEEPIANA explores the lives and depictions of chimney sweeps through unusual books and ephemera from the Henry Collection at Leeds Central Library. Bringing together for the first time selections from the unique personal collection of Dr. Sidney Henry – from both the Library and Leeds Museums and Galleries – this exciting and interactive exhibition will showcase the story of chimney sweeps throughout history.

Students taking the FOAR2000, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures Research Placement module, have put on an exhibition at the Leeds Central Library, using the Leeds ‘sweepiana’ collections. Leeds happens to have the foremost collection of chimney sweep ephemera in the country - now on show in Room 700 at the library until the start of May. 

To listen to the radio interview please click here (24/07/17, 3.28pm)