Dr Adam Cathcart discusses North Korea

Dr Adam Cathcart has made a number of media appearances discussing North Korea. These include:

BBC Radio Derby

Dr Cathcart discusses the influence that China has over North Korea, and why they may not be willing to use that influence.

BBC Radio Sheffield

Dr Cathcart explains what Kim Jong-un has to gain from nuclear weapons tests, and the part that China and Japan might play in trying to negotiate with North Korea.

BBC Radio Leeds 

Dr Cathcart was on the Big Yorkshire Phone In to provide context and analysis to a discussion on North Korea's nuclear missile test. He said the UK could have a role to play in reducing tensions - by reining in the rhetoric on the side of the US and playing a role in UN Security Council deliberations.

Yorkshire Post

Dr Cathcart provides analysis of North Korea's nuclear strategy, arguing that "Kim Jong-un and his family have, in effect, been at war with the United States in Asia since North Korea’s founding in 1948."