Leeds IMC 2018 Programme Arrival

The University of Leeds International Medieval Congress (IMC) programme has been finalised and sent out to all delegates, and registration is currently open until 12 May 2018.

The IMC 2018 (Special Thematic Strand: 'Memory') is a significant milestone, as it marks the 25th Congress since its beginning in 1994, as well as the 50th anniversary of two other closely related Leeds institutions: The Institute for Medieval Studies (IMS) and the International Medieval Bibliography (IMB). Recognising these milestones allows for a consideration of what has been achieved during this time, as well as a discussion of the challenges that lie ahead. This year's Congress will run from 2-5 July. 

The programme sent out to delegates lists a record-breaking 2,545 actively involved participants and 392 sessions focussed on the many aspects of the Special Thematic Strand, 'Memory'. A further 394 sessions, round table discussions, and workshops encompass various other aspects of the Middle Ages. An impressive line-up of keynote speakers, as well as myriad other lectures such as the annual Early Medieval Europe lecture, are also included. The programme can be browsed online here.

In addition to the above, the programme details numerous workshops, concerts, theatrical performances, and specialist excursions available at the Congress. 

In the spirit of memory, and considering both the past and future, the IMC 2019 (Special Thematic Strand: 'Materialities') Call for Papers can be viewed here; this Congress will run from 1-4 July. 

Registration for IMC 2018 can be completed here; the deadline for registration is 12 May 2018.