New Anniversary Website Launched

The University of Leeds is delighted to announce the launch of a new website to celebrate 50 years of Medieval Studies education, research and outreach here at Leeds.

The anniversary website, 50 Years of Medieval Studies at Leeds, hosts a virtual exhibition, charting the history of the Institute for Medieval Studies (IMS), International Medieval Bibliography (IMB) and International Medieval Congress (IMC). It features information from the original proposal to set up a centre for the study of the Middle Ages all the way to the latest ERASMUS+ collaboration with the Centre d’études supérieures de civilisation médiévale at the University of Poitiers. We hope you enjoy this online look at our exhibition, as well as the other anniversary celebrations to come.
In addition, the site will feature blog posts, focusing on a range of topics: student experiences, alumni stories, and academic research. We hope to share our community with the wider world through this feature.

However, the site is not only reflecting on the past of the Institute; it is looking forward to how Leeds can support the future of the academic field. The Future of Medieval Studies is a new project set up by the IMS, to support a conversation around the future of our field in the UK. The project aims to investigate:

How did people experience diversity in the Middle Ages?
How is diversity investigated in Medieval Studies?
How can we, as a community, support those from different backgrounds to join our field?  
Through events and written discourse, we hope to facilitate discussion, reflection, and the development of ideas amongst researchers, students, and the wider academic community.

If you would like to know more – about our past, present or future – we would like you to explore our new site, 50 Years of Medieval Studies at Leeds.