IMS-Organised Conference Held in Brussels: Medieval Culture and War

The Medieval Culture and War Conference, with the themes 'Power, Authority, Normativity', is held in Brussels from 24-26 May and organised by three University of Leeds IMS Postgraduate Researchers.

The third annual Medieval Culture and War Conference is hosted by the Universite Saint-Louis - Bruxelles (Belgium), and runs from 24-26 May 2018. The Executive Organisation Committee is composed of three IMS PG Researchers: Sophie Harwood, Trevor Russell Smith, and Iason-Eleftherios Tzouriadis. 

All three members of the Executive Organisation Committee research an aspect of medieval warfare: Harwood considers representations of women's roles in warfare in Old French manuscripts, Smith studies the cultural and intellectual history of late-medieval England, especially in relation to national events and conflict, and Tzouriadis focuses on the development and use of staff weapons from 1300 to 1500. 

The themes for the conference are 'Power, Authority, Normativity', and the Call for Papers considered papers that discussed how medieval warfare, through the organisation, the techniques, and the discourses it mobilised, contributed to the shaping of power and power relationships, and how these power relations, in turn, could influence the adoption of certain forms of military organisation and techniques of warfare. How did power relationships, ideas about authority, and evolving norms impact medieval warfare in theory and practice? 

The Call for Papers is now closed, but information about accommodation, travel, and registration is available here. Queries can be sent to