Archaeology of Anchorites: IMS Postgraduate Research Trip to Shropshire

IMS Postgraduate Researcher, Victoria Yuskaitis, organised a research trip to Shropshire from 19-22 April 2018, to investigate archaeological remains of anchorite cells.

Yuskaitis, an IMS Postgraduate Researcher and the 2017-18 IMS Website Intern, studies medieval English anchorites, the cells they lived in, and their varied experiences through an interdisciplinary project combining historical, literary, and archaeological approaches and diverse source materials, both archaeological and textual. Her most recent research trip to Shropshire from 19-22 April 2018 followed up on material discovered from her first research trip to the area last year. 

Exploring eight churches in the Shropshire area, Yuskaitis discovered various archaeological traces of anchorite cells, and recorded these through sketches, photographs, and notes. This research is vital to her overall project, which will involve assessing the evidence from archaeological, historical, and literary research to create a cohesive view of the anchoritic vocation. 

The full interview about the trip, including some photographs of archaeological discoveries, can be seen at the 50 Years of Medieval Studies at Leeds blog, here.