Vietnamese history academic featured on Polish TV channel

Dr Sean Fear, Lecturer in International History, shares his expertise as US-Vietnamese relations change.

Dr Sean Fear is a specialist in Vietnamese history, the Global Cold War and United States Foreign Relations. He was recently a Visiting Professor at Fulbright University in Ho Chi Minh City.

Dr Fear was recently invited to analyse US-Vietnamese relations and President Biden’s September visit to Hanoi by TVP World, Poland's first English-language channel which broadcasts world news and the latest from the Central European region.

Seeking to counterbalance Chinese influence, Washington has worked to strengthen relations with former war-time adversary Vietnam. TVP World sought someone with experience to provide insight.

Dr Fear took part in a 15-minute discussion on President Biden’s recent visit to Vietnam, which solidified the United States’ new status as one of Vietnam’s Comprehensive Strategic Partners.

“This is an event with significant implications for US-Vietnamese relations, the US-China political, economic and technological rivalry; Chinese-Vietnamese relations; and economic and security considerations across Southeast Asia”, explains Dr Fear.

You can view the whole segment with Dr Fear’s interview on YouTube.