The Centre for Love, Sex and Relationships website launches

Centre is dedicated to deepening our understanding of the nature and significance of intimacy, how relationships may be supported by technology, social institutions and the state.

The Centre for Love, Sex and Relationships (CLSR) has just launched its website to promote its activities, research and publications. The centre exists to foster research by and between Leeds academics, to organise events and workshops, to support graduate study and research, and to communicate to the public. 

Speaking about the launch, Dr Luke Brunning said: “We are excited to host our first workshop to explore the philosophical dimensions of intimate life. This will be the first of many events aimed at bringing academics together, sharing work in progress, stimulating new research, and serving as a springboard for further projects and funding bids.

“Our goal is to explore serious topics in a friendly and accessible way. We are keen to work with academics and students across UoL, so if you are interested in the nature, significance, or future of intimate life then contact us to be involved.”

The Centre already has a packed schedule of events for this year.

  • There is a CAMP conference in May on the topic of Personal relationships and the normative landscape:
  • Natasha McKeever and Sophie Goddard will be giving a talk at this year’s Society for Applied Philosophy Conference in Antwerp called ‘Examining Relationship Anarchy’ on June 30th.
  • CLSR will be holding a Centre launch workshop on Friday 2nd June 2023.
  • Between September 11th-13th CLSR members Luke Brunning and Natasha McKeever are hosting a workshop ‘Intimacy and the State’ at the MANCEPT conference in Manchester. 
  • In October, it will be putting on Leeds Love Month, a series of public evening events at Outlaws Yacht Club and Sheaf Street. This has been funded by the Society for Applied Philosophy.
  • Finally CLSR have a weekly reading group, which meets on Fridays at 3pm. To join please email

Visit the website to learn more about the centre’s work.