Professor Martin Iddon releases new CD

Professor Martin Iddon’s new CD, Naiads, featuring pieces written between 2012 and 2017, has recently been released on Another Timbre.

The CD collects the five pieces of the Naiads cycle: crinaeae (2015), pegaeae (2016), limnades (2015), potameides (2017), and eleionomae (2012), all performed by the musicians of Apartment House.

Each of the pieces is named for a type of freshwater nymph from Greek mythology: crinaeae (fountains and wells), limnades (lakes), pegaeae (springs), potameides (rivers), and eleionomae (marshes and wetlands). Though they could grant protection or prophecy, they were not necessarily always benevolent, and could be mercurial or even, especially, in the case of the eleionomae, maleficent. 

Listen to an extract from crinaeae

Discover more about the CD and Professor Iddon’s process in his recent interview with Another Timbre.