Leeds academic says backlash against trans rights 'echoes the past'

A Leeds academic says recent political backlashes against trans rights are ‘echoes of the past’. 

Dr Jay Prosser, of the School of English, explores five key moments in history in opposition to trans rights in a piece for The Conversation.  

Just as trans people are not a new population, backlashes against trans rights have a long history. 

From the Nazi destruction of works on transsexuality to the modern row over gender self-declaration and the UK’s Gender Recognition Act, Dr Prosser shows political opposition to trans rights has a long history. 

And despite a recent landmark study finding strong support in the general population for progress in trans equality, the backlash is ‘stuck in the same old groove’.  

Read Dr Prossers piece Trans rights and political backlash: five key moments in history on The Conversation website.  

Image via Delia Giandeini/Unsplash