Revolt and Royalty: IMS MA Student Exhibition

IMS MA student Ella Muir has created an exhibition titled 'Revolt and Royalty' as part of a year-long University of Leeds module: 'Making History: Archive Collaborations'.

Ella Muir, 2017-18 IMS Communications Intern and MA student, launched a digital exhibition titled, 'Revolt and Royalty: Rebellion within the Records of West Yorkshire Archive Service'. This exhibition includes a display of the records held by the West Yorkshire Archive Service pertaining to revolt and royalty in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period. 

The project is the outcome of a year-long module at the University of Leeds titled, 'Making History: Archive Collaborations' (HIST5020M), which provides students with practical experience of working within the heritage sector, as well as an understanding of the various challenges within the sector. The module allows students 'to develop a professional edge' by working with partner organisations to create a public-facing project. 

The exhibition can be viewed here. 

Muir chose the project because of an interest in 'the world of curation', as well as her 'wider academic specialisation: royalty'. Speaking positively of the 'huge amount of creative control' she was given, Muir described being 'supported by the wonderful team of archivists' as she worked. Ultimately Muir's goal 'was to provide an accessible and lasting interpretation of the records, for a diverse and most importantly inclusive audience'. 

The full interview with Muir can be found at the 50 Years of Medieval Studies at Leeds blog, here.