An insight into the political situation of Nicaragua - Dr Eline van Ommen features in The Conversation

Dr Eline van Ommen, a lecturer in Contemporary History at the University of Leeds, has published a piece in The Conversation.

Dr van Ommen discusses former revolutionary Daniel Ortega, who is attempting to win a fourth consecutive term in office, whilst also resembling the dictator he helped to overthrow due to his methods. 

Ortega has imprisoned and exiled political opponents, along with raiding newspaper offices in attempts to win the election.  

Dr van Ommen's latest book details the efforts of the Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (Sandinista National Liberation Front, FSLN) in Nicaragua and their attempts to gain external support in a rapidly changing global context. 

Her areas of expertise include Latin American history; the Cold War; revolutionary diplomacy; transnational activism; Central America; the Nicaraguan Revolution and peace processes. 

More information on Dr van Ommen can be found on her staff profile. 

An insight into the political situation of Nicaragua can be found on The Conversation.