Faculty launches Student Equality & Inclusion Project Award

The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures is launching a new fund to support student projects that seek to make our community more inclusive.

Passionate about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)? We want to support you!

The EDI Project Award will provide up to £250 to four individuals or groups with a project designed to enhance diversity, equality or inclusion. The scheme is open to all students - Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Postgraduate Research.

Funds can be used for any project that enhances Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. This could be:

  • Holding an event or workshop – a training event, guest speaker, performance or discussion
  • Producing a resource (might be information, but equally might be an artistic work)
  • Doing a small research project
  • Set up a network
  • Or anything else you feel would be of value.

What is important is that you have:

  • A clear sense of the aims of your project
  • An understanding of the intended audience - who is it for and how do you know it is needed?
  • Thought about the practicalities - is it achievable?
  • Sought to maximise the impact of your project

We will also support your project with a staff mentor and show off all you have achieved at our first Faculty Equality and Inclusion Showcase in Spring 2022.

To apply, please complete the application form by Monday 8 November, 9am.

We will be running an online information session on Microsoft Teams on Thursday 28 October, 10–10.30am.

For further information, please contact Kate Nash.