Institute of Medical Ethics awards IDEA Centre alumna

A Biomedical and Healthcare Ethics alumna has been awarded the prestigious 2021 Mark Brennan Poster Prize from the Institute of Medical Ethics (IME).

Georgina James received the award after she presented a summary of her MA dissertation, Paid Prophylaxis or an Attack on Autonomy? An argument against incentivisation of sterilisation in drug and alcohol addicts by Project Prevention, at the IME student conference on 27 February.

“Georgina’s project engaged with an important and topical issue around the ethics of incentivising sterilisation in addicts,” explains Dr Tom Hancocks.

“That incentivising sterilisation in addicts is autonomy-undermining is an important contribution to our understanding of the issue, with wider policy implications. Georgina worked really hard on the project, and it was a pleasure to supervise the dissertation.”

The prize is awarded annually, in honour of the late Mark Brennan - a much-valued member of the IME’s Governing Body and the Steering Group for the Education Project.

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