South Asia Unbound: Spaces and Scales of Internationalism

The New International Histories of South Asia network announces an upcoming event series.

Dr Elisabeth Leake, as an organiser with NIHSA - the New International Histories of South Asia network - is delighted to announce an upcoming event series ‘South Asia Unbound: Spaces and Scales of Internationalism’. 
Whose international matters, and why? How are geographic regions constructed? What are the channels of engagement between a place, its people, its institutions, and the world? How do we understand the non-West’s influence in contemporary global interactions? Over the course of six weekly events, starting 26 February, ‘South Asia Unbound’ brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars from across the world to investigate states, institutions, networks, communities and individuals as agents of South Asian global engagement at the local, regional, national and supra-national levels, spanning the time before and after independence and indeed going back to pre-colonial times.  
For information about the conference, registration, and the greater NIHSA network, please visit the conference website. You can also find further information and join our email list by contacting or following us on twitter at @NIHSAnetwork.