Dr John Gallagher anchors BBC New Thinking podcasts

In two podcasts, <a href="https://ahc.leeds.ac.uk/history/staff/774/dr-john-gallagher">Dr John Gallagher</a> explores new research into northern accents and the language of Shakespeare.

BBC Radio 3’s New Thinking is a series of podcasts where leading artists, writers and thinkers discuss the ideas shaping our lives and the connections to past, present and new academic research.

Within the episode City Talk, Dr Gallagher talks to Dr Erin Carrie and Dr Rob Drummond (Manchester Metropolitan University), discussing the methods they've used to document the accents of Greater Manchester – an area comprised of Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cheshire, as well as the City of Manchester itself.

In Shakespeare's Language, he is joined by Professor Jonathan Culpeper and Professor Alison Findlay (Lancaster University) to reveal how their project is shedding light on how Shakespeare worked as a writer and the development of English language during the period.

The New Thinking podcasts are made with the assistance of the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Listen to the New Thinking podcasts at the BBC Radio 3 website.