Yuan Zeng publishes new book on foreign journalists in China

The book examines the internal and external dynamics which are shaping the work of foreign correspondents reporting on an increasingly assertive China.

Based on findings from surveys and interviews with current and former China correspondents, the book explores how they have responded and continue to respond to pressures from within the journalistic field (such as a transforming media industry), as well as from constant shifts in global geopolitics and China’s increasingly restrictive journalistic environment.

These factors are shown to work together to relationally define the news production practice of these correspondents and shape the final news product.

This book is developed from Dr Zeng's PhD dissertation which was completed in early 2018 at the City University of Hong Kong. It has been acclaimed as: “a riveting account of the lifeworld of foreign correspondents in China and contributes importantly to the comparative dimension of media and journalists.”

Published by Routledge, Reporting China on the Rise: Habitus and Prisms of China Correspondents is out now.