Shauna Stapleton


I am a postgraduate researcher working in the School of Music at the University of Leeds, co-supervised by Dr Alinka Greasley and Professor Alice O’Grady. My doctoral thesis explores the experiences of female DJs in electronic dance music culture and the extent to which this links to their wellbeing. I began my doctoral studies after completing a Masters in Applied Psychology of Music and a Bachelors degree in Psychology, both at the University of Leeds. My Masters disseration, for which I recieved a distinction, explored the perceptions and experiences of female DJs and gender dynamics in the DJ booth. My research is currently self-funded.

Alongside my studies I DJ and produce house/techno music. My mixes and tracks can be found here:

Research interests

  • Electronic dance music/DJ culture 
  • Music and wellbeing
  • Music and gender  


  • BSc Psychology
  • MA Applied Psychology of Music