Dr Henry Clarke

Dr Henry Clarke


BA Literae Humaniores, University of Oxford:

I studied for my BA in Literae Humaniores (Classics) at New College, Oxford (2007-2011), concentrating my final two years of study on Greek and Roman history and historiography, and ancient and modern philosophy. In July 2009 I completed accredited theoretical and practical archaeological training during a month-long excavation of the Celtic-Iron Age Necropolis and Roman settlement at Pintia in Central Spain with the University of Valladolid and ArchaeoSpain.

MA in Classics, University of Leeds:

I completed my MA in Classics at the University of Leeds (2011-12) with a specialisation in Roman history, historiography and archaeology, and a dissertation on Roman actions and local attitudes amongst Celtiberian chiefdoms in Central Spain (197-133 BC). I was a member of the organising committee and a panel chair at the University of Leeds 3rd Annual International Interdisciplinary Classics Postgraduate Conference, 'Me, Myself, and I: Constructing and Reconstructing Identity' (June 2012).

Having completed my MA, I went on to work in Libraries & Learning Innovation at Leeds Metropolitan University (now Leeds Beckett University). I volunteered concurrently as a Database Assistant for the Canal & River Trust's National Moorings Team. I have additionally been working as an Assistant Examiner and Specialist Marker in Ancient History for Oxford, Cambridge & RSA Examinations (OCR) since 2012.

PhD in Classics, University of Leeds:

I commenced my doctoral research at the University of Leeds in September 2013 under the supervision of Dr Penny Goodman. In November 2017 my PhD thesis 'The Durius Valley Project: Local Identity, Cultural Change, and Landscape Relationships in Roman Spain and Portugal' was succesfully examined. Further information about my doctoral research is detailed in the 'Research Interests' section of this profile page.

Alongside my doctoral research, I led undergraduate seminars and lectures in Greek and Roman history, classical archaeology and Latin literature as a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant in Classics. During the 2014-2015 academic year I achieved a merit in the University of Leeds Teaching Award (ULTA-1), a course accredited by the Higher Education Academy, enabling me to become an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. In September 2016 I was appointed as a Teaching Fellowship in Roman History and Culture at the University of Leeds during the final year of my PhD.

In March 2014, I set up and have since managed the Classics at Leeds Twitter feed and in December 2016 I similarly established the Classics at Leeds Facebook page. During my PhD, I was a member of the organising committee for and chaired panels at the University of Leeds Classics Department's 5th and 6th Annual Interdisciplinary International Postgraduate Conferences, 'Conflict: Causes, Chaos, and Resolutions' (June 2014), and 'Symbols and Metaphors' (June 2015). I was also heavily involved in preparations for the 7th Annual Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference, 'Borders and Boundaries' (June 2016), having successfully proposed the conference theme. I was similarly a member of the organising committee for the 8th conference, 'Cruelty and Compassion', and was primarily responsible for advertising the conference.

I was likewise a member of the organising committee and a student conference assistant for the 'Commemorating Augustus' bimillenium conference, 18th-20th August 2014. I similarly served as Conference Technical Assistant at the Northern Association for Ancient Philosophy 2014 Annual Meeting and the 'Classics and Classicists in the First World War' centenary conference (both at Leeds), having assisted with the selection of material for the accompanying First World War exhibition in the Brotherton Library Special Collections.

Teaching Fellow and Lecturer in Roman History and Culture:

During the final year of my PhD, I was appointed as a part-time Teaching Fellow in Roman History and Culture at the University of Leeds in September 2016. In July 2018, this post was broadened to a full-time position and I was soon after appointed as a Lecturer in Roman History and Culture.


  • Admissions Tutor for Classics
  • Access to Leeds Tutor for Classics

Research interests

My research is centred on the archaeology and history of the ancient Iberian peninsula, and more broadly on the effects of the establishment of Roman control on local identities and landscape relationships across the Roman Empire.

My recently completed PhD produced a landscape-based study of local identity and cultural change in the Durius Valley in Roman Spain and Portugal (the modern Duero/Douro river). The project formulates an analytical model that draws upon the strengths of previous scholarship on Romanisation and intercultural change in the ancient world, identity theory, landscape archaeology, and the relationship between human society and environment. My research explored several case-study areas along the Durius Valley, drawing on archaeological, literary and epigraphic evidence of the lives of the various social groups active in the valley before and during the establishment of Roman power in the Iberian Peninsula, from approximately the 2nd century BC to the 2nd century AD.

The project revolves around the cultural discourse of the communities and individuals who lived and interacted within the framework of the Roman Empire in the Durius valley. My research exemplifies the effects of empire as a medium for exchange on the heterogeneous expressions of cultural identity and on relationships with the landscape within the Durius valley. The thesis was designed to achieve a more nuanced understanding of the detailed social structures and interactions at work in this clearly-defined region, and to demonstrate the potential of combining scholarly approaches which are not always deployed collectively.

My PhD was funded by a University of Leeds Research Scholarship, and was supervised by Dr Penelope Goodman.

I am now preparing my thesis for publication as a monograph. From March to August 2018, I held a Visiting Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the Leeds Humanities Research Institute. I am currently working on three strands of archaeological analysis that have been developed out of my doctoral research, on commemoration, historical perceptions of connectivity, and local social memory and landscape in pre-Roman and Roman Iberia.

Ongoing and planned research includes a project concentrating on the legacy of the history of the Durius Valley under the Roman Empire on modern identities and lived experiences within the region, including an analysis of the reception of ancient sets of meaning in the local landscape. Preliminary research is also underway for a large-scale historical receptions project investigating the use of historic episodes of resistance to Roman power in European history and culture. I am likewise interested in exploring the links between modern competitive rowing and boat races in the ancient world, with an emphasis on issues of elitism in ancient and modern rowing, and equipment and training, bringing together my expertise in ancient history and rowing.

I can be contacted about my research on the email address above, or via my LinkedIn and Academia.edu profiles.

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  • Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • PhD Classics, University of Leeds (2017)
  • MA Classics (2012)
  • BA Literae Humaniores (Classics), Oxford (2011)

Professional memberships

  • The Classical Association
  • The Roman Society
  • Higher Education Academy
  • Women's Classical Committee UK

Student education

I teach, lead and assess modules in ancient history and classical archaeology at all levels of the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum, with a particular emphasis on Roman history, culture and archaeology. In the past, I have also been involved in the teaching of Latin and classical commentary. I supervise undergradaute and postgraduate research projects, and I am a Personal Tutor in Classics. I am also the Admissions and Access to Leeds Tutor for Classics at Leeds.

In 2015 I completed the University of Leeds Teaching Award (Descriptor 1) and was awarded Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, earning professional recognition of my experience in student education. In 2017-18 I was shortlisted for Faculty and University Partnership Awards in Inspirational Teaching, receiving additional nominations in the categories of Innovation and Positive Impact. In other academic years, I have been nominated for awards in Postgraduate Teaching, Positive Impact, Personal Tutoring, PhD Thesis / Dissertation Supervision, and Inspirational Teaching.

I am happy to be contacted about my teaching, research and other related activities on the email address above, or via my LinkedIn and Academia.edu profiles.

Research groups and institutes

  • Classics and Ancient History
  • Classics
  • Cultural studies
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