Rashad Qushaysh

Rashad Qushaysh


I teach at the University of Leeds in the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies. I earned a BA in English literature and translation studies (2015) from Imam Muhammed ibn Saud University, followed by an MA in Literature & translation studies (2018) from the University of Leeds. Since 2019/2020, I have been pursuing my PhD in Literature & translation studies at the University of Leeds, which I expect to complete by mid-2024.

In the field of Arabic/English literature and translation, I am working as a publisher, published writer, translator and professional trainer. I founded Athra, a translation and publishing house, and I have been the editor-in-chief since its emergence in 2018. Athra is a publishing house dedicated to translations, with a dual emphasis on expert-led learning and the development of skills and knowledge through the process of translating books. Within Athra, I have supervised and published nearly 100 translated books, in collaboration with prestigious universities and publishing houses worldwide. This includes partnerships with the esteemed presses of institutions like Harvard University, the University of Chicago and Princeton University. Beyond my roles at the University of Leeds and Athra, I have delivered over 50 invited lectures and seminars at universities across the Gulf and in the UK. Further, I have managed, directed, and supervised a number of professional translation projects across the Gulf. Moreover, I host the weekly literary podcast (Awo), available on YouTube, SoundCloudApple Podcast and Google Podcast, exploring topics on languages, world literature and translation studies.

Research interests

I research and teach topics in Arabic and English Literature, Translation and Arabic Studies. I am also interested in Sociology, Cultural Studies and Islamic Philosophy. My doctoral research centers on the sociology of literature and translation, with a specific emphasis on Arabic fiction self-translated into English. It aims to examine the phenomenon of self-translation a socially situated activity from a sociological perspective. This investigation seeks to illuminate how various sociological factors motivate, shape, restrict and influence the activity of self-translation.

My Publication

  1. Qushaysh, R. 2011. A Mirror Looking For A Face مرآة تبحث عن وجه. Self-Publishing: Saudi Arabia. (Arabic)
  2. Qushaysh, R. 2014. When I Saw My Voice حين رأيت صوتي. Self-Publishing: Saudi Arabia. (Arabic)
  3. Qushaysh, R. 2017. Indelible Crossing عبور لا ينمحي أثره. Self-Publishing: Saudi Arabia. (Arabic)
  4. Qushaysh, R. 2017. Indelible Crossing. Self-Publishing: Saudi Arabia. (self-translation)

Athra Translation Projects: Graduated Translators with Their Translated Books (2023/2024)

  1. Eric Hoffer, The Ordeal of Change translated into مشقة التغيير by Asma Asiri (2022) (Sociology)
  2. The Authors Guild, The Writer’s Book translated into الكاتب ومجالسة الفكرة by Hessa Al Omran (2023) (Literary Criticism)
  3. J. D. Salinger, Nine Stories translated into تسع حكايات by Ghaida Al-Shabiki (2023) (Literature)
  4. Yoritomo Tashi, Common Sense translated into الفطنة by Reham Al-Harbi (2023) (Philosophy
  5. Virginia Woolf, The Diary translated into مذكرات كاتبة by Noura Al-Subei (2023) (Autobiography)
  6. Annie Payson Call, As a Matter of Course translated into مسألة بدهية by Ruba Al-Amoudi (2023) (Psychology)
  7. Erving Goffman, Behaviour in Public Places translated into السلوك في الأماكن العامة by Bayader Al-Nasayan (2023) (Sociology)
  8. William N. Schoenfeld & Fred S. Keller, The Principle of Psychology translated into مبادئ علم النفس by Sarah Al-Harbi (2023) (Psychology)
  9. Edogawa Rampo, Japanese Tales translated into حكايات يابانية by Kholah Al-Khalifah (2023) (Literature)
  10. Jay Belsky, Avshalom Caspi, Terrie E. Moffitt, and Richie Poulton, The Origins of You translated into أصولك by Asmaa Asiri (2024) (Psychology)
  11. Kathy Caprino, The Most Powerful You translated into أنا الأقوى by Amani Al-Bawardi (2024) (Sociology)
  12. John Kaag, Sick Souls, Healthy Minds translated into نفوس سقيمة وعقول سليمة by Hessa Al Omran (2024) (Philosophy)
  13. Susan Engle, The Intellectual Lives of Children translated into حياة الأطفال الفكرية by Sarah Al-Harbi (2024) (Sociology)
  14. Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit, or : How Toys Become Real translated into الأرنب المخملي by Reem Alshahrani (2024) (Children Story)
  15. Frik J. Larson, The Myth of Artificial Intelligence translated into أسطورة الذكاء الاصطناعي by Bandar Al-Talidi (2024) (Technology)
  16. Frank Huyler, White Hot Light translated into نور دامس by Ghaida Al-Shabiki (2024) (Literature)
  17. Margot Leitman, Long Story Short translated into قصة طويلة قصيرة by Ahmed Al-Sharimi (2024) (Literary Criticism)
  18. Yves Agid, Subconsciousness: Automatic Behavior and the Brain translated into العقل الباطن: السلوك التلقائي للدماغ by Wafa Al-Shahri (2024) (Psychology)
  19. Michele Alacevich, Albert O. Hirschman: An Intellectual Biography translated into سيرة هيرشمان الفكرية by Razan Al-Bahalal (2024) (Autobiography)
  20. Pete Davis, Dedicated: The Case for Commitment In An Age of Infinite Browsing translated into الالتزام في عصر التصفح by Abdulfattah Adel (2024) (Technology)
  21. Jonardon Ganeri, Inwardness: An Outsider’s Guide translated into بواطن النفس by Wusn Al-Jarallah (2024) (Psychology)
  22. KEVIN McGRUDER, Philip Payton The Father of Black Harlem translated into فيليب بيتون by Hammoud Al-Thubaiti (2024) (Literature)
  23. Brian Evenson, SONG FOR THE UNRAVELING OF THE WORLD translated into أغنية انهيار العالم by Rawan Abu Nouh (2024) (Literature)
  24. Hans-Georg Moeller and Paul J. D'Ambrosio, You and Your Profile translated into صراع الهوية الافتراضية by Ruba Al-Hajri (2024) (Philosophy)
  25. E. B. White, Charlotte’s Web translated into قصة شارلوت by Asmaa Assiri (2024) (Children's Stories)
  26. Victor Appleton, Tom Swift And His Flying Boat translated into سويفت وزورقه الطائر by Yasser Al-Haiz (2024) (Children's Stories)
  27. Margery Williams Bianco, The Velveteen Rabbit translated into الأرنب المخملي by Reem Al-Shahrani (2024) (Children's Stories)
  28. L.M Montgomery, Emily of New Moon translated into إميلي القمر الجديد by Yasmin Al-Shahab (2024) (Children's Stories)
  29. Elinor M. Brent-Dyer, The School at the Chalet translated into مدرسة الكوخ by Sarah Al-Hudhaybi (2024) (Young Adult Literature)
  30. Richmal Crompton, More William translated into زدني ويليام by Hadeel Al-Tamimi (2024) (Children's Literature)
  31. Gertrude Chandler Warner, The Box-Car Children translated into أولاد العربة by Nouf Al-Dosari (2024) (Children's Stories)
  32. Hugh Walpole, Jeremy and Hamlet translated into جيريمي وهاملت by Ruba Al-Arini (2024) (Young Adult Literature)
  33. Etsu Inagaki Sugimoto, A Daughter of the Samurai translated into ابنة الساموراي by Asmaa Assiri (2024) (Literature)
  34. Edith Wharton, The Writing of Fiction translated into أدب الخيال والكتابة فيه by Kholah Al-Shahri (2024) (Literary Criticism)
  35. Bryan Cranston, A Life in Parts translated into محطات حياتي by Manal Al-Santili (2024) (Literature)
  36. Nicole Panteleakos, Planet Earth Is Blue translated into كوكب الأرض أزرق by Huda Sufyan (2024) (Young Adult Literature)
  37. Rizwan Virk, Startup Myths and Models translated into خرافات الشركات الناشئة by Ghada Al-Guraifani (2024) (Business Management)
  38. Jenn Bishop, Things You Can’t Say translated into ما لا تقدر على قوله by Omaima Al-Harbi (2024) (Literature)
  39. Jennifer Croft, Homesick translated into الحنين by Abeer Al-Khaldi (2024) (Literature)
  40. Tilar J. Mazzeo, Irena's Children: The Extraordinary Story of the Woman Who Saved 2,500 Children from the Warsaw Ghetto translated into أطفال إيرينا by Taif Al-Otaibi (2024) (History)
  41. Vincent Crapanzano, TUHAMI: PORTRAIT OF A MOROCCAN translated into التهامي: صورة مغربية by Hashim Al-Saab (2024) (Psychology)
  42. Andrew Bartlow, Scaling For Success: People Priorities for High-Growth Organizations translated into السعي وراء النجاح by Oula Al-Akhras (2024) (Business Management)
  43. John Dos Passos, Manhattan Transfer translated into محطات مانهاتن by Razan Al-Sulaihim (2024) (Literature)
  44. Dorothy Scarborough, The Wind translated into الريح by Noura Ahmed (2024) (Literature)
  45. Oscar Wilde, A House of Pomegranates translated into بيت الرمان by Bashair Al-Anqari (2024) (Literature)
  46. Felix Salten, Bambi: A Life in the Woods translated into حياة بامبي في الغابة by Suad Al-Awaji (2024) (Young Adult Literature)
  47. Alison Uttley, The Squirrel, the Hare and the Little Grey Rabbit translated into سنجوبة والأرنبان by Ghadeer Al-Khaldi (2024) (Children's Stories)
  48. Eric P. Kelly, The Trumpeter of Krakow translated into عازف البوق في كراكوف by Amani Al-Husawi (2024) (Children's Stories)
  49. Arthur Bowie Chrisman, Shen of The Sea translated into عفاريت البحر by Nouf Bawazir (2024) (Young Adult Literature)
  50. Ruth Plumly Thompson, The Lost King of Oz translated into ملك أوز المفقود by Razina Ibrahim (2024) (Children's Stories)
  51. Henry Sidgwick, The Mind Of Mr J.G. Reeder translated into عقل السيد ريدر by Rawan Abdul Latif (2024) (Literature)
  52. OZAN VAROL, Think Like a Rocket Scientist translated into فكر كعالم الصواريخ by Lama Al-Juraid (2024) (Business Management)
  53. Annie Payson Call, Nerves and Common Sense translated into الأعصاب والحس السليم by Amal Al-Hawsani (2024) (Psychology)
  54. Ernest Poole, His Family translated into عائلته by Buthaina Al-Hamoud (2024) (Philosophy)
  55. John Bude, The Lake District Murder translated into جريمة قتل في البحيرة by Bassam Al-Wuda'ani (2024) (Literature)
  56. Wilson Rawls, Where the Red Fern Grows translated into حيث ينمو النبات الأحمر by Rania Al-Zamanan (2024) (Children's Literature)
  57. Annie Payson Call, THE FREEDOM of Life translated into حرية الحياة by Mansour Al-Yusuf (2024) (Philosophy)
  58. Nellie Bly, Around the World in Seventy-Two Days translated into ٧٢ يومًا حول العالم by Balqis Abdullah Al-Saleh (2024) (Young Adult Literature)
  59. Booker T. Washington, Up from Slavery translated into التحرر من العبودية by Ohoud Mohammed Al-Shahri (2024) (Contemporary)
  60. A.A. Milne, The Red House Mystery translated into لغز البيت الأحمر by Razan Ibrahim Al-Khudairi (2024) (Children)
  61. Susan Schneider, Artificial You: AI and the Future of Your Mind translated into ذاتك الاصطناعية: الذكاء الاصطناعي ومستقبل عقل الإنسان by Heba Ali Al-Amri (2024) (Contemporary)
  62. E. Nesbit, Five Children and It translated into خمسة أطفال و؟ by Maha Khaled Al-Suweid (2024) (Contemporary)
  63. H. E. Bates, Down the River translated into أسفل النهر by Ruba Talea Al-Saedi (2024) (Literature)
  64. Earl Derr Biggers, The Agony Column translated into العمود by Sarah Ibrahim Al-Hamad (2024) (Personal Development)
  65. James Allen, Light on Life’s Difficulties translated into إضاءات على مشقة الحياة by Yabrin Masaed Al-Mazeeni (2024) (Personal Development)
  66. George MacDonald, The Day Boy and the Night Girl translated into ولد النهار وبنت الليل by Baraah Ramli Rambo (2024) (Young Adult Literature)
  67. Susan Coolidge, What Katy Did at School translated into ماذا فعلت كيتي في المدرسة by Sarah Sulaiman Al-Awfi (2024) (Story)
  68. Timothy Wilson, Strangers to Ourselves translated into غرباء عن أنفسنا by Shatha Alsawi (2024) (Story)
  69. J. S. Fletcher, The Middle of Things translated into في وسط الزحام by Ahmed Hakami (2024) (Novel)
<h4>Research projects</h4> <p>Any research projects I'm currently working on will be listed below. Our list of all <a href="https://ahc.leeds.ac.uk/dir/research-projects">research projects</a> allows you to view and search the full list of projects in the faculty.</p>


  • PhD Candidate in Translation Studies and Literature, University of Leeds
  • MA in Translation Studies, University of Leeds (2018)
  • BA in Translation Studies and English Literature, Imam University (2015)

Professional memberships

  • Member of the American Board of International Trainers
  • Member of the Langevin Learning Institution in the United States.

Student education

I teach Arabic Studies at the University of Leeds in the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies.