Professor Bee Bond

Professor Bee Bond


I have worked at the University of Leeds since 2001, teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP). I have been closely involved in curriculum development across a range of the programmes offered by the Language Centre. I was appointed as one of the first cohort of LITE (Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence) Fellows in 2016 and am now using the evidence and outcomes of that project to inform changes to the way EAP is embedded across the curriculum. I became an Advance HE National Teaching Fellow  in 2022.


  • Co-lead for MA in Teaching English for Academic Purposes
  • Co-lead for ELU5001M: Participants, Practices and Pedagogies in Academic Contexts
  • Co-lead for ELU5004M: Principles of curriculum and assessment design

Research interests

My scholarship interests lie in the intersection between language and disciplinary content knowledge,  the perceptions of those involved in working through both and how this connects to institutional strategy and policy. This links closely to the teaching of English for Academic Purposes, inclusive learning and teaching and internationalisation.

Recent Publications

Bruce, I. & Bond, B.(eds) (2022) Contextualizing English for Academic Purposes in Higher Education: Politics, Policies and Practices. Bloomsbury.

Ding, A; Bond, B & Bruce, I. (2022) ‘Clearly you have nothing better to do with your time than this’: A critical historical exploration of practitioners’ discussions on the BALEAP mailing list.’ Journal of English for Academic Purposes.

Evans, M; Bond, B.; Ding, A. (eds) (2021) BALEAP Conference Proceedings: Innovation, Exploration and Transformation. Garnet

Bond, B. (2020) Making Language Visible in the University: English for Academic Purposes and Internationalisation. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

Bond, B. (2019). International students: language, culture and the ‘performance of identity’. Teaching in Higher Education.   

Bond, B. (2018). Understanding the intersection of language, disciplinary knowledge communication and Identity. Project Report. Leeds: Leeds Institutte for Teaching Excellence 

Bond, B. (2018). The Long Read: Inclusive teaching and learning for international students. Leeds: Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence. 

Bond, B. (2017) 'The E(A)P of Spelling: Using Exploratory Practice to (re)engage teachers and students'  in Kemp, J. (ed) (2017). BALEAP Conference Proceedings.Garnet Education

Bond, B. (2017) ‘Co-constructing the curriculum through Exploratory Practice’ The Language Scholar; the University of Leeds

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  • National Teaching Fellow
  • Senior Fellow BALEAP
  • Senior Fellow HEA
  • MA Language Teaching
  • PGCE

Professional memberships

  • BAAL
  • SEDA

Student education

I teach English for Academic Purposes, primarily to taught post-graduate students. I developed the current pre-sessional curriculum for both the year-round programme and the summer content-based strands. I have worked in partnership with Schools across the University to further embed English for Academic Purposes provision into their taught post-graduate curriculum and to support consideration of a more international and inclusive approach to education. I am co-programme lead for the MA in Teaching English for Academic Purposes with Dr Alex Ding and am co-convenor for two of the modules on this MA programme.

Research groups and institutes

  • Language Centre
  • Language pedagogy
  • PRIA
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