Dr Corinne Painter

Dr Corinne Painter


I have worked with cultural and heritage organisations in Leeds, serving as the link between research and wider public engagement. Helping community groups connect with researchers and find funding are key activities for me.

After completing my BA (Hons) in German and Japanese at the University of Leeds, I lived and worked in Germany for nearly three years. I then returned to Leeds to complete a Masters by Research exploring the experiences of German Jewish women in the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich. My PhD thesis explored the life and works of Clementine Kraemer (1873-1942), a German Jewish writer and campaigner in the women’s movement.


Writing Lives: A Female German Jewish Perspective on the Early Twentieth Century a monograph developed from my PhD thesis published by Peter Lang 2019.

Book Reviews

Tamar Merin Spoiling the Stories: The Rise of Israeli Women’s Fiction (Illinois Northwestern University Press, 2016), in Journal of Modern Jewish Studies (forthcoming)

Johannes Evelein Literary Exiles from Nazi Germany: Exemplarity and the Search for Meaning (Camden House, 2014), in Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 2015 Volume 23 Issue 1

Research interests

Current Research Projects

Commemoration, Conflict and Conscience

A year-long project, which culminated in a national festival in Bristol 2019. The project looks at ‘hidden’ or lesser known stories of the First World War, legacy, peace-building & alienation from commemoration. We are: uniting existing community groups and researchers, focusing on their work to date & generating new research; showcasing existing artistic work and performances and fostering new creative projects.
Project Highlights:

Bristol Festival 27-28 April 2019

Website: https://everydaylivesinwar.herts.ac.uk/ccc/

Twitter: @FWWCCC2019

Kiel Uprising: Women's activism and the German Revolution November 1918

This project examined the end of the First World War in Germany and the German Revolution. Revolutions are often imagined as male spaces and yet, for a revolution to spread as quickly and as far as the Revolution of 1918/19 did, women must have been involved. AHRC funded.
Project Highlights:

Exhibition: "Ending War, Imagining Peace: Germany 1918" at the Peace Museum

Play: "Women of Aktion" opening Autumn 2018 and touring the UK

Project Website: germanrevolution1918.leeds.ac.uk

Follow the project on Twitter for all the latest updates @RevolutionNov18


Invited Papers

September 2018

Writing the Revolution: German Women as Revolutionary Agents; Aftermath German and Austrian Cultural Responses to the End of WW1; King's College London

March 2018:

International Women’s Day: Kiel to Otley–Women of the German Revolution; Leeds City Museum
Hidden from History: Voices of the German Revolution 1918-1919; Peace Museum; Bradford

May 2017:

 Life under the Nazis: The German Jewish Community 1933 – 38, German History in the North; University of Leeds

September 2016:

German Jewish Women in the Public Sphere: an Exploration of Identity through Fiction 1913 and 1933; New Directions in German History; University of Central Lancashire

Conferences organised

Resistance to War Conference

March 2016

An international conference attended by 300 people

Made conference packs; facilitated registration; organised travel and accommodation for speakers from 11 different countries
This conference included a community day at Leeds City Museum which included stalls by peace activists and panels discussing the findings of local history and community groups
Chaired a panel on “Jewish Resistance”

[Dis]Connected: The Spectre of German History

June 2014

A postgraduate conference for twenty researchers funded by the German History Society

Wrote the call for papers
Wrote the successful funding application

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  • Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • PhD
  • MA by Research
  • BA (Hons)

Professional memberships

  • Women in German Studies
  • German Studies Association
  • Association of German Studies

Research groups and institutes

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