Burma, Bangladesh and the Rohingya Crisis

Burma, Bangladesh and the Rohingya Crisis

Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (AIMES) welcomes all to this event.


1. Najeeb Rahman, doctor working with Doctors Worldwide, providing medical aid to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh: "Myanmar, Bangladesh and the Rohingya Crisis. A textbook failure".

2. Nur Huda, Chair of British Rohingya Community: " Life as a refugee: from catastrophe to hope".

3. Nijam Uddin, Secretary of British Rohingya Community: "From political leaders to stateless people at the stroke of a pen".

4. Shaukat Ahmed MBE, Chair of Stop the Genocide Campaign: “What the British Rohingya Community Stop the Genocide Campaign is doing”.

5. Speaker from Burma Campaign (via video link) (tbc)


Sponsored by: Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Leeds