CHIA PhD Workshop

A work-in-progress workshop featuring 3 current postgraduate researchers at Leeds: Isabelle Hollingdale, David Grant and Agustín Hernández.

Isabelle Hollingdale, ‘Child removal, activism and art in Spain and Argentina’:

Isabelle’s PhD project explores the removal of children in Spain and Argentina, before, during and after periods of dictatorship in each country. She looks at the effects of these removals, the narratives around them and how activist groups are supporting victims and challenging the silence that still surrounds this crime, as well as exploring activist art, today. Prior to her studies at Leeds, she completed her undergraduate in French and Spanish and MLitt (Research Master’s) in Spanish at Newcastle University and last year she worked as a fundraiser for a cultural charity in Sunderland.

David Grant, ‘“Should I stay, or should I go?” Looking beyond the motivational factors of international class solidarity, anti-fascism and Jewish self-defence in deciding to volunteer for the International Brigades’:

David is a retired secondary school teacher who graduated with a BA Hons in History in 1980. He completed an MSc (Econ) in Politics and Sociology at Birkbeck College (1989) and was a Visiting Scholar in School Leadership at George Washington University (1998-99). In 2019 he returned to academic study at Royal Holloway to study for a Masters in Holocaust Studies, achieving a Distinction in 2021. This is his second year of his PhD having enrolled at Leeds in 2022.

Agustín Hernández ‘Community and Individual in the Catholic Monarchy of Spain, 1766-1808’:

Agustín is a third-year doctoral researcher studying the concept of community in the Catholic Monarchy of Spain, 1766-1808, from the conceptual history perspective. He earned a BA in History from the University of La Laguna, a Master’s in Modern History from the Universidad de Valencia and a Master's in Education from the Universidad de La Laguna. Prior his PhD he worked as a teacher in Primary and Secondary Education.

How to attend

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This event is part of a programme offered by CHIA, the Centre for the History of Ibero-America. Find out more about CHIA’s activities on the Centre’s homepage.