Encountering Dante’s Beatrice: Poetry, Persons, Theology and Thought

This two-day online conference, held on Zoom, will examine critical questions raised by the figure of Dante’s Beatrice.


8 and 9 July 2021 

Papers will consider the following questions:

  • What role does Beatrice play in Dante’s poetic, theological and philosophical projects?
  • How might recent developments in our understanding of Dante’s works and context affect scholars’ (often unspoken) assumptions about the figure of Beatrice?
  • What is the importance of biographical and historical information in interpreting Dante’s Beatrice?
  • How do the differing presentations of Beatrice across all of Dante’s works affect our reading of those texts – and to what extent is it legitimate to think of her as a consistent presence in Dante’s opus?
  • What can past debates about the figure of Beatrice, and representations of her, still contribute to reading Dante today?

How to register

Please register through Eventbrite; for further information, please email Matthew Treherne (m.treherne@leeds.ac.uk).

Speakers include:

Hosted by the Leeds Centre for Dante Studies, with support from the Modern Humanities Research Association Conference fund

Organisers: Dr Abigail Rowson and Professor Matthew Treherne